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No issues in Koeman - Walsh relationship

Manager's previous outburst taken out of context

Watford v Everton - Premier League
Ronald Koeman
Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the relationship between Everton manager Ronald Koeman and Director of Football Steve Walsh, said the Dutchman yesterday.

Much had been made of Koeman's outburst about the pace of player signings after the Blues were knocked out of the FA Cup, but yesterday the manager spoke to clear the air over his comments.

Speaking at his pre-match media obligations Koeman was asked about his previous comments -

“Yes but I know the business, it’s not that you put a bid in for a player and then you get the player.

“Sometimes it is difficult and sometimes it is about money, and I mentioned I am not the man who will decide about transfers, on the technical side.

"I will do my job with Steve Walsh and we will do the best for Everton, we will try to find the right player for Everton and the strongest squad we will have. And finally it is money and it is not my decision.

“I am really happy with the way it is working with Steve, because we have daily contact, we speak about the team and we speak about players and he is reorganising the scouting and I am on a very good line with him.”

So there, despite it sounding like he was making a dig at both Walsh and the Everton Board, it's clear that Koeman is on the same wavelength as the club's chief scout, which is critically important for his vision to be realized.