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American architect contracted to work on new Everton stadium

Xan Young of Meis Architects is leading the project

Fans React After Los Angeles Lakers Wins NBA Championship
View from outside of the Staples Center
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A business journal in the USA has let it slip that architect Xan Young, of Meis Architects based in New York City and Los Angeles, is working on the new Everton stadium, the location of which remains unofficially at the Bramley-Moore dock area.

Young, shown in the picture here, is reported to be working on two current football projects, per the article.

For the past nine years, she’s worked with Dan Meis at various firms, including now at Meis Architects, a small, independent firm. She’s currently designing two European soccer stadiums (for AS Roma and for Everton FC), plus renovations at Staples Center and Paul Brown Stadium.

This is big news for Everton fans considering very little has been confirmed by the club about the new stadium.

Xan Young is considered to be one of the brightest young minds in the business, and has recently been named for the Game Changers/Women in Sports Business award too.

Meis Architects have been involved in numerous sports projects, as seen below -

Meis Architects sports projects
Meis Architects

The other stadium mentioned in the article is the Stadio della Roma, home of Serie A’s AS Roma. The £260 million ($340 million) stadium is due to open in 2019, and here is a video highlighting the new arena -

To add more fuel to the fire, the head of the firm Dan Meis has been attending Everton watch parties with the Everton South California branch of Everton USA, including the win on Saturday.

The firm cannot comment right now due to there being a non-disclosure agreement in place with the club.