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Did Everton owner Farhad Moshiri talk to Sky Sports’ Jim White?

Controversial tweet doing the rounds this morning

Everton v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Sixth Round Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Sports broadcaster Jim White has long been a bit of a controversial figure amongst football fans. His latest activity on Twitter has enraged Everton supporters who are aggrieved that the “wind-up merchant” is at it again.

The Sky Sports presenter had first courted intrigue when he tweeted early on deadline day saying that he had been speaking to Toffees majority owner Farhad Moshiri -

Jim White’s tweet about Farhad Moshiri 1
Jim White

Perceptive Everton fans immediately realized White was probably was click-baiting as in the few communications that Moshiri has had with the press, his comments have been very measured and cultured, to say the least.

Message from Farhad Moshiri in matchday programme

It is very unlikely that Moshiri would speak to the press at a critical time like Deadline Day, whereby he would be weakening his position and losing leverage when battling other clubs to sign top players. In addition, he would hardly be calling the window “insane” in the offhanded banter that White peddles.

But it was only earlier this morning in the aftermath of the transfer window closing that White really invoked the ire of the Blues when he tweeted this purported message from the owner -

Jim White tweet about Farhad Moshiri 2
Jim White

Quite why Moshiri would choose to bypass the club’s official communications and go to a Sky reporter remains a mystery, if this communique is real. And if it’s not, then why would a journalist choose to destroy his integrity over a seemingly trivial matter is an even bigger mystery.

This seems to insinuate that Moussa Sissoko’s arrival would jeopardize James McCarthy’s position in the club, which is strange considering Ronald Koeman had already said before the deadline that the Irish international would stay with the club, and Everton rebuffed offers for him on the last day of the transfer window as well.

The Liverpool Echo have reached out to the club regarding the veracity of this message, but are yet to hear back.