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Writer Prediction League: Everton vs Stoke

The Toffees host the Potters, and our writers are feeling great about it

Idrissa Gana Gueye is a popular pick for man of the match once again this week.
Idrissa Gana Gueye is a popular pick for man of the match once again this week.
Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

The writers here at Royal Blue Mersey may have started the season somewhat pessimistic, but optimism is now abounding after three solid matches to start the season.

Last week, each of our writers predicted that Everton would win both of its matches (though last week's post did not reflect that due to a clerical error) -- and the Toffees came through for us, beating West Bromwich Albion 2-1 and Yeovil Town 4-0.

Here's a review of last week's picks, first those against West Brom:

Writer Opener MOTM Winner Score
Adam Kevin Mirallas Ross Barkley Everton 2-1
Brian Mirallas Romelu Lukaku Everton 2-1
Calvin Lukaku Barkley Everton 2-1
Darren Lukaku Idrissa Gueye Everton 3-1
Matt Barkley Maarten Stekelenburg Everton 3-1
Mike Lukaku Lukaku Everton 2-0
Ryan Lukaku Gueye Everton 2-1
Sean Lukaku Gueye Everton 2-0
Tom Lukaku Gueye Everton 2-0
Troy Aaron Lennon Barkley Everton 2-1
Tyler Mirallas Mirallas Everton 2-0

In a mystifying display of foresight, five RBM writers (Adam, Brian, Calvin, Ryan, and Troy) chose the correct winner and scoreline from this match, chalking up four points. However, none of us had a West Brom player scoring the opening goal, nor Mason Holgate as the RBM man of the match, so there were no additional points to be awarded there.

The mid-week EFL Cup match was equally kind to us:

Writer Opener MOTM Winner Scoreline
Adam Lennon Tom Davies Everton 3-1
Brian Barkley Brendan Galloway Everton 3-0
Calvin Yannick Bolasie Bolasie Everton 4-1
Darren Arouna Kone Mason Holgate Everton 2-0
Matt Davies Holgate Everton 2-0
Mike Lennon Bolasie Everton 3-0
Ryan Bolasie Williams Everton 4-0
Sean Deulofeu Bolasie Everton 4-0
Tom Deulofeu Davies Everton 3-0
Troy Deulofeu Ashley Williams Everton 3-1
Tyler Kone Davies Everton 3-1

Again, all our writers correctly picked Everton to win, and Mike and I both correctly picked Aaron Lennon as the scorer of the match's first goal.

Arouna Kone's late second goal stole two points from Brian, Mike, and Tom, who each picked a 3-0 scoreline, instead giving those points to Ryan and Sean, who each correctly guessed that Everton would win 4-0.

We did not have a man of the match poll this week (as you had to be inside Goodison Park to see the match!), so I will award Ross Barkley the RBM man of the match award, as he was chosen as Everton's best player at the end of the radio broadcast.

Given that four of us chose players that didn't even play at all, no one probably deserved any MOTM points anyway!

After two weeks and three matches, our leaderboard looks like this:

Writer Points
Darren 8
Tyler 8
Adam 7
Tom 7
Brian 6
Calvin 6
Ryan 6
Sean 6
Troy 6
Mike 5
Matt 4

Darren and Tyler have retained their hold on the lead, but my seven-point week and Tom's second consecutive week of three or more points have put us hot on the trail of the leaders.

On the other side of the leaderboard, Matt is bringing up the rear, as he's only accrued points by virtue of picking Everton correctly to win both of its matches last week.

This week, your favorite blogging team has once again proven their undying support for the Toffees (and perhaps their less than stellar judgment) by all choosing Everton to win this weekend against Stoke City.

Writer Opener MOTM Winner Scoreline
Adam Kevin Mirallas Gareth Barry Everton 1-0
Brian Romelu Lukaku Idrissa Gana Gueye Everton 2-1
Calvin Marko Arnautovic Gueye Everton 2-1
Darren Deulofeu Ashley Williams Everton 3-1
Matt Lukaku Mirallas Everton 2-0
Mike Lukaku Lukaku Everton 3-1
Ryan Ross Barkley Williams Everton 2-1
Sean Gerard Deulofeu Lukaku Everton 2-0
Tom Lukaku Lukaku Everton 3-0
Troy Lukaku Barkley Everton 1-0
Tyler Lukaku Gueye Everton 2-0
  • Our writers are still quite confident that Romelu Lukaku is poised to finally find a goal, with six of us picking him to score Everton's opener.
  • Lukaku and Gueye are the joint-top choices as Everton's man of the match for this match, with each having three votes.
  • Calvin is the only person who is predicting that Everton will fall behind before pulling out a victory, predicting Marko Arnautovic will open the scoring for Stoke City.
As always, let us know what you think of our picks in the comments, and feel free to submit your own as well! We're still waiting on our first six-point week of the season -- it could be yours!