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Everton fans tweeting the other Ashley Williams

Oh boy, this could’ve been awkward

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The other Ashley WIlliams
Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

As soon as Everton completed the signing of Wales defender Ashley Williams yesterday from Swansea City, the Blues Twitter army kicked into overdrive, tweeting the player messages of love and fellowship, welcoming him to the club.

The only problem with that? Ashley Williams the footballer does not have a Twitter account, or at least not a public one that we know of.

Instead, fans have been tweeting Ashley Williams the actress, who plays the wife of comedian Jim Gaffigan in The Jim Gaffigan Show. She is a television, film and Broadway actress, known for her roles in Good Morning Miami, Snow,Snow 2: Brain Freeze, and Montana Sky, and for her guest appearances on long-running comedy How I Met Your Mother.

Here is her tweet in response to the deluge of tweets from Toffees around the world -

So there folks, take a second to look at the profile of who you’re tweeting at before you start talking about how you wish they’d replace John Stones.