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City Council to spend £4m on Finch Farm improvements

Plans not without some opposition though

Everton Training and Press Conference
Everton training at Finch Farm
Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

The Liverpool City Council will invest £4m on upgrading Everton’s training facility at Finch Farm. The complex is owned by the Council and rented to the Toffees.

Among the planned improvements at the Halewood site are a recuperation suite for players recovering from injuries, a new block for groundsmen and a mini-stadium as well.

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson and the council's cabinet have agreed that it is a good investment, but have come under some criticism from the Liberal Democrat opposition, who are questioning the use of taxpayers' money.

Opposition leader Richard Kemp would like to see Everton pay for the refurbishment, saying -

"EFC now have a backer and more money - why cannot they finance it themselves?"

He also raised some questions regarding the terms and conditions which were not included in the investment report.

However, the mayor has said that the rent will increase by more than 3% to help cover the cost of the planned improvements.

"It's a fantastic deal for us and the city of Liverpool.

"It is like when you buy a house and you rent it out. If you want to put an extra room on it, you'll make sure it brings you extra revenue."