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Joe Anderson meets with Bill Kenwright and Farhad Moshiri to discuss stadium

The Mayor of Liverpool is hopeful a new ground will be secured in the next two years

Everton v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has been pictured meeting with Everton chiefs Farhad Moshiri and Bill Kenwright to discuss their stadium plans.

The trio were pictured at a meeting in London, which the Mayor shared via his official Twitter account.

He also shared a message that should interest Blues fans, saying he believes that a new stadium is achievable within the next two years.

The Toffees are currently stepping forward with new plans to leave Goodison Park, having scrapped proposals for Walton Hall Park earlier this year.

Two sites have been proposed, with the possibility of building on a docklands-based site or on available land at Stonebridge Cross.

Indeed Anderson, himself an Evertonian, has openly admitted that he prefers the docklands site at Clarence Dock and is sure to have put that point across in this meeting.

While the talks were likely informal at best, it is still positive to see that Moshiri is not resting on his laurels after investing earlier this year.

He certainly appears to have big plans for the club, and sorting out a stadium will be the first big hurdle for him to overcome in the coming years.

For those interested, the document that is in front of Moshiri in this picture is a Stonebridge Cross development flyer. The location is very close to the Kirkby destination that the fans publicly denounced a few years ago.