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Koeman's Everton appointment delayed

Everton hope to unveil their new manager next week

Alex Morton/Getty Images

Expectant Evertonians, who have been on tenterhooks for the past few days, will need to be patient for a little longer as Ronald Koeman's confirmation as Everton manager looks likely to be delayed into next week.

The Liverpool Echo is reporting that although the details of the deal have been agreed, the move cannot be rubber-stamped until Koeman returns from holiday.

The Dutchman is believed to have flown out on a second pre-planned holiday at the start of the week and isn't due to return until Monday, meaning official confirmation of his move from Southampton will have to wait.

The supporters will understandably be frustrated at this latest delay, most fans have been glued to social media and Sky Sports for the past few days waiting for Everton to confirm the deal.

The Echo insists that the delay is not due to any last-minute hitch, with compensation in the region of £5million agreed with Southampton on Tuesday.

Deals are also in place for Koeman's brother and assistant coach Erwin and fitness coach Jan Kluitenberg to join him at Goodison Park.

The Echo blame "logistical" issues for the hold up, which may be as simple as needing Koeman's signature on a contract.

Everton may also want to announce the news with Koeman present at a press conference, rather than confirm the move with a statement before doing the whole scarf-above-the-head thing at later date.

Either way we need just to wait a little bit longer and hope Everton don't go full Everton on us and mess things up.