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Everton 2015-16 Season: Staff Predictions Review

We were gloomy, but didn't think it would be this bad

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

To finish up our 2015-16 season evaluations series, we take a look back at the predictions the Royal Blue Mersey staff made at the beginning of the season.

The writers were asked to come up who they thought would fit into the following categories -

EPL Top 6: Leicester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Manchester United, Southampton
Everton EPL: 11th
EPL Bottom 3: Newcastle, Norwich City, Aston Villa
FA Cup Winner: Manchester United
Everton FA Cup: Semi-finals
League Cup Winner: Manchester City
Everton League Cup: Semi-finals
Golden Boot: Harry Kane

With Leicester winning the Premier League and Chelsea's spectacular fall from grace, no one came close to predicting the top six correctly. The same goes for their main striker Vardy, who no one picked for the top scorer award.

Quite a few had picked Manchester United to win the FA Cup, which came true. There were even a couple of correct shouts for Manchester City to win the Capital One Cup trophy.

Most of us hadn't had high hopes for Everton, with the majority picking at spot between 6th and 10th. One writer did pick the 11th spot accurately, as did a couple who had the FA Cup semi-finals exit.

What were your picks, and how far off the mark were you?