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Premier League 2016-17 Schedule Leaked

What do you think of Everton's fixture list?

Everton fans at Goodison Park
Everton fans at Goodison Park
Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

UPDATE: It's a fake!! (see below for more details)

This could be an elaborate hoax, or this could be real, so you make your judgement.

Someone has posted the full Premier League 2016-17 season schedule on the Internets, over a week before the date of the official release.

To be clear, there is absolutely no confirmation from reputable sources anywhere that this is even remotely close to the real schedule that will be revealed on 15th June, 2016

But, if this is indeed the schedule for Everton, tell us how you feel about the fixture list as shown.

Leaked Everton 2016-17 schedule
Leaked Everton 2016-17 schedule

Per the list shown above, the Blues open the season at home against AFC Bournemouth. The Toffees don't play a top four team until September 24th when they host Arsenal.

The first leg of the Merseyside Derby is at Goodison Park again, on the 20th of December in a festive fixture. The return leg at Anfield is on April 4th.

October will be a challenging month for Everton as they play away thrice, including a tilt with Manchester United while they host Antonio Conte's Chelsea on October 15th.

The Blues will be away to Middlebrough in their Boxing Day game, but then host Premier League champions on New Year's Eve.

Tell us what you think about this leaked schedule in the comments below.


It's confirmed now that this is a fake. The Premier League has said that the fixture schedule is a hoax, and the twitter account @footballanon24 that first leaked the schedules has been deleted.