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Farhad Moshiri has plan in place to control more shares

His holding has an option to buy more shares.

Everton v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

The Liverpool Echo is reporting that current controlling shareholder Farad Moshiri has an official plan to take on more shares. He currently controls 49.9% of the company and as such not a full majority controlling interest in the team. As it stands he needs at least one other member of the board to vote with him in any situation.

As of today though documents as part of his holdings show that he has an option already in place to complete a sale that would increase his shares to a majority holding. What would be the reason for this option instead of already taking a majority holding is unclear. It seems to me and others this may have to do with Bill Kenwright wanting to instill the fans with some assurance that Moshiri is not in this just to take over the team and rule it right away.

The other speculation is that perhaps the option to buy more is not active until certain interests are handled. The obvious guess with that is to do with a new stadium deal. It seems logical that the board would have less concern with Moshiri not investing in a solid squad after his work with Arsenal, but perhaps they want to see him put up the money when it comes to a new stadium.

If that's the case It looks like Bill Kenwright and the board will stay as is for the time being. It's unlikely a stadium is done soon, but even if the option is exercised with breaking ground we could be two to three years before Moshiri has a full controlling interest in the team.