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Martinez blasts Everton players in 100-second press conference

Post-match comments from manager after another away humiliation

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Like the Everton fans baying for his head, Roberto Martinez's patience with the players is finally wearing thin too. After yet another embarrassing thumping away from Goodison, the manager had little in the way of platitudes for the side. In two losses to Liverpool and Leicester City, Everton have faced a total of 68 shots. The Toffees road form previous to these last two abject defeats was about the only silver lining from this season of doom.

This is what the manager had to say after the game, in a very short press conference.

"I think first and foremost this is just a day for Leicester City and to celebrate them and I think they've achieved and incredible feat of winning the Premier League and deservedly so.

"From our point of view it was a very disappointing day. We never turned up. We never understood what was needed.

"I think we felt we were part of a celebration. We looked like a group of individuals, we never showed the basics of what you need in any performance.

"I thought off the ball we didn't have any intensity, any concentration and when you do that against any team you're going to get punished, especially against Leicester.

"We didn't show any defensive awareness which makes for a very disappointing performance."

The press conference ended abruptly when Martinez was asked if there were any positives he could get out of this game. He had a short terse answer to that question, before walking away.

"None at all."