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Everton and Liverpool - Inside the Merseyside Derby

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

In part II of their 'Inside the Merseyside Derby' series, NBC look at the family rivalry between Everton and Liverpool.

Unlike many football clubs that reside in the same city such as Celtic and Rangers, Everton and Liverpool fans are not separated by religious or geographical lines.

Instead Everton and Liverpool supporters are often found within the same family, with households split down the middle on derby day. It's part of what makes this derby so special, with Liverpool an Everton fans often sat side by side during matches.

NBC speaks to one two brothers,  Chris and Steven Pajak, one of whom is a red, the other a blue, and asks just what is it that makes the Merseyside rivalry so special.

NBC also get to experience the atmosphere of a derby first hand, with two reporters sitting among the Everton and Liverpool fans during last month's game at Anfield.

It's at that point you may want to look away, though.