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Yarmolenko will NOT now be joining Everton this Summer

Dynamo Kiev owner rules out Everton and Stoke for transfer.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Dynamo Kiev owner Ihor Surkis has said this week that Dynamo Kiev will be trying to move Andriy Yarmolenko on this summer, but teams listed as not of interest to Dynamo and Yarmolenko include Everton and Stoke. This doesn't come as much surprise as Everton have not been quiet about their interest in the Ukranian winger.

Surkis seems to display a complete naivety about Premier League though and says his reasoning is Dynamo are in Champions League and Stoke are fighting for their survival. He did not make that comment about Everton as well, but seemed to imply it. That's interesting coming from an owner and might have more to do with getting the most for his talent, but not really true.

Stoke and Everton are not challenging for Champions league this season, but both have passed the point of "fighting for survival". That said it would be a major drop back in level of play to leave a team playing in the Champions League to a team still on the outside of major European Competition.

Money to acquire Yarmolenko would not be an issue, but the willingness to sign with Everton has always been a big question mark and that appears to be even bigger this summer. I would label Yarmolenko a long shot unless perhaps Everton make an interesting move at manager that somehow attracts the interest of the forward.