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Howard: Next Everton manager 'sitting on a goldmine'

Goalie's last comments before leaving the Blues

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Former Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard spoke about the bright future ahead for the Toffees youngsters before he left for the Colorado Rapids in the USA.

Howard had a sentimental farewell in the Blues' last home game of the season against Norwich City (herehere, and here, and all put together here) finishing his Everton career with another clean sheet.

The American spoke about the future of Everton on a day when there were youngsters all over the pitch in Blue -

"The guy who comes in and manages this team is sitting on a goldmine.

"The future is bright. Those boys played well. I didn't have that kind of wherewithal or talent at their age so I was excited to see them play.

"With the passion in this city for this club and the talent that's on display, the sky's the limit for this team."

On marking his Goodison Park farewell with yet another clean sheet -

"I'll always remember that one, it was special.

"It's been a tough week, it was tough seeing Roberto go. Any time a manager gets sacked, you have to look inward. We have to take a ton of responsibility on our shoulders.

"We came out, we responded. I thought we played well. There was an intent in our play and, in a difficult season for us, you could see in the fans' faces and hear it in their voices, they were excited about this team."

Howard was also asked to describe how he felt in his final game in front of the Blues faithful -

"My words would fail me because what I feel in my heart for all Evertonians is hard to describe. I'll miss their cheers, I'll miss their faces.

"All good things come to an end. I know that. I think I was always dreading the day I had to leave this place because I keep saying it's my home."