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Ronald de Boer says brother Frank is interested in Everton job

In more news from the de Boer camp it looks like Frank de Boer is definitely in play.

According to Sky Sports today there is talk from Frank de Boer's brother Ronald that Frank is very interested in coaching EvertonAfter resigning from Ajax Amsterdam on Thursday amidst reports from his agent earlier this week that Frank de Boer was interested in the Goodison Park position, there is a lot of noise around him taking the Everton job. He's been with Ajax for 6 years, winning the league title in four of them, and his move is being described as him looking for a new opportunity.

His brother also confirmed that de Boer attempted a move to the Premier League when the Tottenham job was recently vacated. The talks fell apart and Spurs went in another direction with Mauricio Pochettino, but according to Ronald he would still really like a shot in the Premier League. Frank de Boer is currently the odds on favorite for the Toffees job, but as we have seen in the preceding month, just about every candidate has been flavor of the day with the bookies.

Another bit of news in the article said that Frank had decided to leave Ajax as early as two months ago. For those trying to say the timing is perfect and perhaps this was the plan all along, I'll admit the timing is great. This would save Everton from any talks with Ajax to compensate for his release, but I would tend to believe Ronald that this is merely a lucky coincidence in terms of timing. We shall see soon enough when Everton announce the next manager in the coming weeks.