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Frank de Boer Resigns From Ajax, Could Everton Appointment be Imminent?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Hours after a 3-0 defeat to Sunderland, one of the rumored front runners to replace Roberto Martinez has quit his job. Ajax manager Frank de Boer resigned his position Wednesday night and it could mean news about Roberto Martinez will come quickly.

Earlier this week de Boer, through his agent, claimed to be interested in managing a club like Everton or Valencia. And the Ajax manager would be a good fit. He started his coaching career with the famed Ajax youth sides before moving into into an assistant coach role with the Netherlands National Team. In 2010 he was named manager of Ajax and has managed to win 4 league titles in that span and finish in 2nd twice.

The timing of the comments and the resignation certainly make things interesting. Ajax did just complete their season this past weekend, but with Everton's poor performance Wednesday night and the resignation you have to wonder if something is up. It doesn't seem likely Martinez will be trotted out in front of the supporters for the final home game of the season, that is just cruel for the supporters after all. And giving a new manager a chance to meet the squad before the summer holiday would be beneficial.

Frank de Boer is a young manager, at only 45, but his playing career inspires confidence and he should be able to relate to the players. De Boer has won countless trophies playing at Ajax and Barcelona as well as his managerial honors so he knows the mentality needed to win. That mentality may be the biggest thing Everton is missing. This squad didn't suddenly go dumb and forget how to play soccer, but they did forget how to be a professional mentally. Frank de Boer can do that.