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Q&A with Tales from the South End

We had our second chat of the season with the AFC Bournemouth fan blog.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Ahead of this weekend's match we sat down with AFC Bournemouth fan blog, Tales from the South End to ask a few questions about our opponent. We answered a few of their questions as well which you can read at their site.

RBM: Eddie Howe would be a shoe-in for manager of the year if it wasn't for Leicester City's run. With Howe's record of success comes speculation about his future. How do the AFC Bournemouth fans feel about the prospects of keeping him at the club?

TFTSE: If we hadn't made it into the Premier League I think the fans would be worried. Eddie Howe is obviously ambitious (we still haven't forgotten Burnley) and wants to manage at the highest level. But he is still young and has plenty of time to fulfill any footballing ambitions he has. It's inevitable that he will move on at some point but currently has has pretty much everything he wants. He manages his local club, the team he supported and played for, he has the team he built, he has the backing of the chairman, he has the backing of the owner and he has the backing of the fans. When he has taken the club as far as it can go (Champions League? Premier League title?) then he will look for a new challenge. Hopefully that won't be for a few years yet.

RBM: The summer transfer window is coming up soon. Are there any players that have been identified as potential targets? Anyone on the fan's wish list?

TFTSE: There are a few that have been mentioned and once again these are English players currently plying their trade in the Championship. The names mentioned have been Lewis Cook and Oliver Norwood and I have no doubt that Eddie will be looking for more players. When it comes to a wish list we the fans have to be realistic. First, who wants to come and play for AFC Bournemouth and second can we afford them. Obviously, Messi, Neymar and Suarez would be great additions. Wouldn't mine John Stones as well.

RBM: With the season nearing an end, do you expect Eddie Howe to play some of the younger squad players that may not have seen much time on the pitch earlier in the year? If so, who will you be looking for?

TFTSE: Will Eddie give any of the squad players a chance? Seems likely a few will get a chance. He wants a strong finish to the season so that would mean playing our strongest team. I think he will swap around as he did against Chelsea giving all our main strikers time on the pitch. Callum Wilson has yet to reach full fitness after a long absence, so hopefully he will click into gear at Goodison and start scoring again.

RBM: Do you have a prediction for this weekend's match? Any players to watch on either side?

TFTSE: I would love a repeat of the game at Dean Court but I can't see that happening again. Both teams are hardly in scintillating form, but Everton need a result, or more like Martinez needs a result and at home Everton should get the three points. But, we have learnt a lot after heavy defeats to Spurs, Man City and Chelsea. So we may play a more defensive game. I reckon 1-1 is the most likely outcome, but I have a sneaky feeling Everton being at home will just nick a win 2-1. But obviously, I hope I'm wrong (and I usually am).

Thanks again to our friends at Tales from the South End.

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