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Martinez wants to be judged over his three years at Everton

It doesn't look much better, really

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

During his pre-match press conference today, Everton manager Roberto Martinez addressed rumors that a board meeting was being held this week to discuss his future. The fans have had just about enough of Martinez, with the nadir of his tenure last week following a 4-0 thrashing at Anfield followed by an FA Cup semi-finals exit on Saturday.

The Toffees' abysmal home record this season has been a particular cause for concern. Eight losses matches a worst in the Premier League era, and there's still three games left to play at former-fortress Goodison Park.

Everton last won in the Premier League on 1st March, nearly two months ago. It's actually quite amazing that despite that woeful record, the Blues are still 11th in the League. Such has been the parity this season, that should the Toffees have strung together three or four wins together at any point they could have easily found themselves contending for a European spot.

Earlier this week, news broke that board meetings were scheduled this week with new owner Farhad Moshiri to decide whether Martinez was to be allowed to finish out his four-year contract which expires at the end of the 2016-17 season. When asked during his meeting with the press today, this was Martinez's response -

"I understand it completely. I never felt being Everton manager is a manager to be judged in an average position.

"I encourage huge expectations. As a club we have to drive for silverware and top four, and when you aren't there the scrutiny needs to be there.

"It shouldn't be scrutiny of the last three months but instead the last three seasons.

"It's a scrutiny of the squad we have put together and scrutiny of how we play against the top teams.

"I wouldn't want to be judged on the ninth budget of the league. I want to be under scrutiny of being proud of being Everton manager."

Unfortunately for Martinez, neither his record in the Premier League over three years nor the last three months make good reading for his prospects.

His overall record over the last three years is 1.5 goals scored, 1.2 goals conceded and a win percentage of 38.2%.

And over the last three months, it's 1.2 goals scored, 1.3 goals conceded and a win percentage of 27.3%.

While the team has scored fewer goals since February and has had fewer wins, the poor defence seems to be a constant, and even Martinez's three year record would not be sufficient in making Everton a perennial top six contender.