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Reports State David Moyes "Desperate" to Return to Everton

According to The Sun so take it with a grain of salt, but they report Moyes would love a return to the Toffees.

David Moyes wishes to return to Everton.
David Moyes wishes to return to Everton.
Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It's coming from a source saying friends of David Moyes have been told he would really like to come back to Everton, but not sure what else we can tell from that. There are other reports out there also saying Bill Kenwright is interested in this return as well. Other than rumors and speculation this seems a long shot for both parties and something new owner Farhad Moshiri does not seem interested in for good reason.

It's suprising if true how quickly Kenwright has forgotten the bids on Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini that Moyes made upon taking the manager job at Manchester United. Since then he has been sacked from Manchester and Real Sociedad this past November. He does have apparent interest from Celtic as well as Aston Villa. Those seem like much more realistic options compared to a reunion with Everton.

If Moyes had better success with a big money team like Manchester United perhaps Everotn fans would be interested, but failing at United and attempting to steal two of the best players from the team were clear indications that partnership has ended. I would rate the possibility of this happening as near to zero no matter what Moyes tells his friends and even if Kenwright does wish it so.