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Everton reportedly showing interest in Jurgen Klinsmann

According to Ian Darke, Everton are interested in the US National manager

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

UThis morning commentator Ian Darke took to twitter to say that Everton have been continually involved in rumors that they have some amount of interest in current US National Manager Jurgen Klinsmann. He doesn't give more than that and this was a single tweet today, but any supposed interest by the team is making big news these days.

It's unclear if he's speaking about specific sources or just a general amount of rumblings around that there might be interest. Klinsmann has struggled to build US soccer and the team had nearly missed World Cup Qualification. He's also struggled to establish a good system with MLS owners on how best to run US soccer and compete in other events besides the World Cup.

To top it off there is talk that current manager Roberto Martinez is having a meeting with the board after the Crystal Palace game and while everyone is saying it's not anything out of the ordinary there is plenty of speculation. Could the team make known what there plans are or even give Martinez warning that without an FA cup win he could be gone?

I'm not sold on Klinsmann as manager at Everton although I'm sure the team is weighing every possibility and perhaps this is all that is. With ten days until the FA cup semi's I expect we should continue to hear more names involved in the next month or so.