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WATCH: Kieran Dowell scores another stunner for Everton U21s

Kid is unstoppable

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Youngster Kieran Dowell continued his scoring exploits, this time scoring an amazing free kick last night for the U21 side.

Dowell has received glowing recommendations from club manager Roberto Martinez for some of his goalscoring exploits for the Everton U21 side, including this one against Southampton.

Martinez, who was present in person for the game went on to say that was -

".. one of the best goals you are going to see.

"He's a very humble person, and really strong mentally," the Blues boss said. "It's a shame that he had a bit of an injury earlier on in the season, because he started the campaign with the first team, and we expect a lot from Kieran from now until the end of the season.

"He's starting to get a good rhythm and match fitness now, and I think we will see a lot more from Kieran.

"The games that he participated in in the summer, against Hearts and Dundee, he did well. He's got a wonderful left foot, and you don't get players like Kieran in the British game.

"He is a player that appreciates the space, enjoys being in between the lines and his technical ability is a natural gift. That's something that we need to use.

"We need to allow him to develop, but clearly he has got a role with the first team, without a doubt."

Lest you forget, Dowell certainly has a penchant for scoring some amazing goals, as can be seen with this gem that opened the scoring and started a comeback win for the U18s a few months ago.

That left foot certainly has a lot of promise.