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Nothing Will Be The Same: Everton season ticket prices reduced

Rare event when prices go down

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The motto for next season seems to be 'Nothing Will Be The Same'. Fans will certainly hope so.

Whether it's the financial clout of the new owner, or the depths of futility being plumbed by this current team, but the net result of all this is that Everton's season tickets are actually going to be cheaper next season. True, dyed-in-the-wool Blues are not going to give up on this team just because Roberto Martinez cannot put out a side that can defend a lead, so we can expect the tickets to sell pretty quickly.

Image courtesy of Everton FC

In summary, here are the details of the price reduction and other highlights -

  • ALL Adult Season Ticket prices reduced by more than 5%.
  • Junior price age category extended by two years from 16 to 18.
  • Junior Season Tickets reduced by £50 from £199 to £149 in all stands other than the Family Enclosure. Family Enclosure frozen at £149.
  • Young Adult Season Ticket extended up to the age of 22 and priced at £299 in all stands.
  • All Senior (65 and over) Season Tickets reduced to £299 in all stands.
  • Kids' (up to 11) Season Tickets frozen at £95.
  • Adult prices start at just over £22 per game.
  • Concession prices:
    - Up to 11: £5 per game
    - 11 to 18: less than £8 per game
    - Young adults 18-22: less than £16 per game
  • One in four of our current Season Ticket holders is under the age of 22.
  • Season Tickets on sale from Monday 21 March at 8am.

Here is the table listing all the prices -

Image courtesy of Everton FC

Club Chief Executive Officer Robert Elstone had this to say regarding the pricing structure and changes -

"Throughout the current season, the Premier League has been challenged on pricing decisions. As we have said repeatedly, we endorse such scrutiny. We have listened and we agree. We believe our pricing plan for Season Tickets for 2016/17 clearly demonstrates our commitment to providing value for money and to making the game accessible to the widest possible cross-section of supporters.

"After listening to fans, consulting with our Fans' Forum, considering different options, reviewing budgets and sharing our ideas with the Board, we made the decision to ensure our Season Ticket pricing for 2016/17 offered something for everyone. We were conscious of the substantial uplift in the value of our media rights next season and reflecting how we operate at Everton, not only will we offer significant savings for the majority of our young and senior Evertonians, we will reward all adult Season Ticket holders with a price reduction of one-nineteenth, one free game, and more than £27 off in the Lower Bullens."