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Everton reveal plans for Finch Farm redevelopment

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Everton have revealed images of the planned redevelopment at the club's Finch Farm training ground - which Roberto Martinez confirms is underway.

The plans include a 'recuperation block’ for first-team players. Roberto Martinez has spoken of the need to have a place at the training ground for the players to rest, particularly after European games or double training sessions, rather than letting them go home.

Seating and dugouts will also be added to one of the pitches to allow Under-21 games to be played there as at present the facilities do not meet Premier League guidelines.

There will also be new facilities for the ground staff and educational block for the academy constructed as part of the development.

Speaking about the new plans, Martinez said:

"We’re building now. All the work we’re doing is for the rooms we’re going to have for the players, a new recuperation and regeneration area and also a showpiece pitch."

"The seating area will be big enough for us to have games there. Regulations dictate that we need to have dugouts and some seating as well.

"We have to be careful because too much is misleading young talent as well. When you’ve played 100 games in the Premier League then there are certain standards that you would expect in training. Until you play 100 games in the Premier League you should be able to fight and scrap and find the way to face adversity and the pitches shouldn’t be perfect and the preparation shouldn’t be perfect and that’s part of the development of a young player.

"Sometimes you have to be careful not to give too much, too early. But the plans we have overall and the work we have embarked on are really positive developments."