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How much is Moshiri's 49.9% stake in Everton worth?

The picture about the investor's shares getting clearer

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Media outlets are now reporting the breakdown of new Everton majority shareowner Farhad Moshiri's stake in the club. The news of the takeover broke on Saturday and since then fans have been curious to find out what exactly the new owner paid for his 49.9% share of the Toffees.

Club Chairman Bill Kenwright is selling half of his 26% stake for the sum of £22.75million. By that valuation, Everton is worth £175million. He had paid a measly sum of £9million for the 26% share 16 years ago, when the club was valued at less than £35million. The £175million (nearly $250million) is lower than the previously mentioned sums of £200million in the months leading up to the takeover.

Planet Hollywood founder and American businessman Robert Earl, often accused by the fanbase of being 'missing in action', sold the entirety of his 24% holdings to Moshiri at the same current valuation of the club, making £40.25million for the minimal effort he put into running the Blues.

The remaining 12.9% of stocks will be coming from Jon Woods and another unnamed minor owner. Woods has been known to hold 19% of the club, while Lord Grantchester had 9%.

The Iranian businessman, who has British citizenship, has also promised to provide the club with a war chest of transfer funds for the summer, as well as making the construction of a new stadium his highest priority. It appears so far he has spent £87.3million on buying his share of the club, with what looks like more to come. Moshiri's net worth is reputed to be £1.36billion in 2015, per Forbes.

The 60-year-old tycoon has chosen to keep Kenwright on as chairman for now, and also retains an option to increase his holdings in the club in the future should he choose to do so. His purchase of the Toffees is expected to be ratified by the Premier League in the coming days.