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Everton warn teams Romelu Lukaku will cost £50 million

Everton striker will not come cheap this summer

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

If Romelu Lukaku wants Champions League next season it's going to cost his new team a lot of money.

After setting a price on John Stones this January that was more than teams were willing to spend it seems Everton are willing to try their luck with the striker. Lukaku has been pretty vocal about his interest this week in looking for better opportunities, but Everton won't just do what the player want without a great return.

With 25 goals this season in all competitions Everton would be in a really tough spot without the in form striker. Facing a bottom table finish with him they would be a lot worse off without him for sure. The question is how much will teams be willing to spend and could the price rise even more if Everton sneak into Europe with an FA Cup win.

There are a lot of pieces in play and Everton could changes their manager and spend big money during the window. It's not out of the realm of possibilities they could convince Lukaku to give it one more go in the Everton squad with a strengthened squad next year.

Whatever the case this summer will surely be full of plenty of action for Blue fans.