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Everton get short notice on FA Cup opponent

Blues will discover their semi-final opponent a mere 10 days before the match at Wembley

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Everton will be facing either West Ham United or Manchester United in their upcoming FA Cup semi-final at Wembley Stadium. However, they will not find out which team they are facing until ten days before the match. The FA has decided to schedule the quarter-final replay at Upton Park on Wednesday, April 13th as to avoid any conflicts with UEFA Champions League football.

The FA has admitted that the date may not be ideal for all parties involved, but stood by their decision nonetheless.

The FA recognizes the agreed date may not be an ideal solution for all, but believed it was the most appropriate available within the congested football calendar

According to the Liverpool Echo the possibility of fines from UEFA may have been a determining factor in scheduling the replay.

Regardless of when Roberto Martinez and company find out who their opponent is, they will have a tough task ahead of them. West Ham and Manchester United both sit at fifth and sixth respectively in the table and have proven to be difficult opponents.

How do you feel about the date of the quarter-final replay? Have Everton been given enough notice of who their opponent will be? Have your say in the comment section.