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Martinez describes Everton's eighth home loss as a "one-off"

The Blues are a trainwreck at Goodison Park

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Roberto Martinez's press conferences never cease to amaze. His blinding positivism is now shining right into his eyes instead. Everton looked dismal without anchor Gareth Barry and struggled to string a decent series of passes together all game long. Arsenal on the other hand looked like they were out for revenge after getting knocked out of the FA Cup and the Champions League in the last few days.

The game was 2-0 at halftime to the visitors, and could have easily been worse. The Blues simply never got going, and between poor passes and general misdirection, they never stood a chance against the Gunners who are trying to revive their title chase.

Everton have now lost eight of the sixteen home games they've played this season, the first time they've hit that mark since the 1996-97 season.

After the game, this is what Roberto had to say -

"We have never performed in this manner. The disappointment of today is that we were second best. I thought Arsenal had a bigger bite and more intensity. We looked like the team who'd had an extra game so it was so disappointing in contrast to the performance seven days ago.

"We were very very slow in our build up and were reactive, we didn't anticipate any play. It was a fearful performance.

"We had a big player missing, Gareth Barry is someone that gives you something extra but that is not an excuse.

"We never got a platform in the game and we were ineffective with the things we were usually good at. Arsenal were better than us in every aspect of the performance."

He also explained his thought behind switching to a back-three at the half -

"When you lose the ball so quickly, you leave yourself open and we never looked like being able to cope with the movement of Arsenal. I thought an extra man in a deeper position could help us.

"But, it wasn't enough to get us into the game - you have to compete and show the intensity that we had seven days ago."