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Everton the lone voice in pushing for cheap Premier League match tickets

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Everton were the only Premier League club to vocally speak out against sky-high ticket prices for travelling supporters and push for a £30 limit on away tickets.

Representatives from all 20 Premier League clubs met in London this week to discuss a variety of subjects, though the issue of away supporters reportedly dominated the agenda.

The Daily Mail reports that a number of big clubs including Arsenal were against the idea of capping tickets prices to £30. Everton were the only club in the division to strongly push for the proposal.

In the end it is believed seven or eight clubs voted against the scheme in a secret ballot, with a majority of 14 required for any changes to be agreed.

What makes this issue so galling is the fact already wealthy Premier League clubs are set to receive an even greater windfall in the summer when the new TV deal kicks in.

The deal is worth £5.1bn domestically and a further £3bn in overseas rights, swilling the league with eye-watering amounts of cash.

There is nothing to stop clubs from subsidising ticket prices, the income from which is no longer their primary source of income.

Their refusal to do so is another slap in the face for supporters who have had to deal with ever rising ticket prices in recent years as well as the constant switching of kick-off times and dates in order to accommodate live TV coverage.

Don't forget this comes in the same week where Liverpool fans announced a planned walkout at the Sunderland game this weekend in response to the introduction of new Anfield ticket prices from next season with a top price of £77.

I applaud Everton for their stance on this issue and it is desperately disappointing to see them get so little support. Sadly it reflects the grim reality that supporters are now merely customers to some clubs, ready to be milked for more and more cash and their loyalty to their football team ruthlessly exploited in the name of profit.