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Ireland Manager tells Darron Gibson to leave on loan

If Darron Gibson wants to play in Euro 2016 he'll need to go on loan for playing time.

Darron Gibson must find playing time to make Euro 2016 squad.
Darron Gibson must find playing time to make Euro 2016 squad.
Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Ireland manager Martin O'Neill has gone public with comments that if Darron Gibson wants to make the squad for Euro 2016 he needs to find a way to get playing time. That means taking a loan to a Championship side or face watching Euro 2016 from his couch.

The problem here is Gibson would be going on loan with Everton paying most of his salary since Championship sides aren't going to be able to take a large portion of his salary on their books. On the other hand Everton has no need for Gibson this season unless disaster strikes the midfield.

Gibson currently falls behind Gareth Barry, James McCarthy and Muhamed Besic in the defensive midfield spot. Even FA cup games are too important at this stage with Chelsea the next opponent to start a weaker side that might include Gibson. Everton can't afford to take any league games lightly at this point either, so no shot for Gibson to make the roster if everyone is healthy.

It would appear that Everton tried to loan Gibson out during the window, but either had no takers or Gibson refused. I can't see that situation changing at this point. His contract is up this summer and while I'm sure the team would like to do what's best for the player they would probably like the insurance of keeping him around if injuries do happen.