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Everton sign 16-year-old Man City Keeper

Report from Liverpool Echo says team has signed 16-year-old Joe Hilton.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

The Liverpool Echo is saying Everton have completed the signing of 16 year old keeper Joe Hilton from Manchester City and added him to the Everton Academy. The young keeper is already 6' 5" according to reports and will join the U-18 Everton side.

Obviously a long term project with plenty of time to age and grow into the side, but interesting with Everton already controlling two other well regarded Under 18 keepers in Ciaran O'Loughlin and Ben Pierce. Will one be making a jump next season or will they be challenging each other on the Under 18 side?

There is some evidence according to the Echo that Everton faced off interest from other teams, but no ideas on who that might have been. If he's got any good athletically that tall body should be a huge bonus and he's still got time to grow. The question is does he grow to much to become an efficient keeper or does he still have good ability and size once he enters his twenties.

Answers this summer for a potential leave of Tim Howard are not going to come cheap, but perhaps Everton can look to Joel Robles for the short term and their academy in the long term. Without a sale of John Stones or Romelu Lukaku this summer I find it tough to grasp how Everton can afford someone the likes of Jack Butland's level and might view young players internally as the answer.