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West Brom's James McClean argues with Everton fans at Goodison

Things were pretty grim for the home side on Saturday

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

West Bromwich Albion midfielder James McClean is not a very popular figure among Everton fans. During Saturday's win for the Baggies at Goodison Park, things got pretty heated between the player and some sections of the home support.

McClean has courted controversy in the past too, famously refusing to wear a poppy on his jersey when he played for Sunderland against Everton in November 2012. In his role on Saturday as left-sided midfielder, he was under the cosh for most of the minutes he played as winger Aaron Lennon danced past him time and again.

When Lennon had bamboozled him one time too many, McClean stuck out a leg and brought his man crashing down to earn a yellow card from referee Michael Oliver. West Brom manager Tony Pulis then proceeded to substitute him before he got into more trouble as Lennon clearly had the beating of him.

As he walked off in the 57th minute, he appeared to be provoked by some Everton fans, and then stood back up from the bench to respond to some hecklers in a heated exchange that last all of a couple minutes.

After the game, Pulis spoke about his player and the home crowd -

"Whether that is true, there are other things going on with the crowd. If James has got involved, I will speak to him.

"This is a fantastic football club (Everton). I like the city and the intensity and the passion of its supporters.

"It is always lovely to come to this ground. I am not complaining about supporters having a moan."

"I have had worse thrown in my direction," he added, responding to the water bottle thrown at him from the crowd a few minutes from the end of the game, narrowly missing his feet.