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Chinese Consortium rumored to be interested in Everton takeover

Group is awaiting result of John Moores bid to buy team.

Could Everton see a new bidder if American deal falls through
Could Everton see a new bidder if American deal falls through
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

There has been very little outside of Twitter and Reddit rumors about the Everton takeover first broken in December as the group of John Moores and Charles Noell was allowed access to the Everton financials to review and potentially finalize a reported £200 million takeover of the team.

They were granted a six week window to review and make known if they would proceed. That window would seem to be ending and yet no official news, but many rumors that talks are off and just as many that a deal is done. Until we get official news one way or another I'm highly suspicious of follow-up offers to buy the club.

There is one central post that seems to be the main source for this and claims The Sunday Times as their source. I'd like to see more before I believe this one. The group is compared to the same Chinese group who invested in a 13% share of Manchester City under the name City Football Group to increase a global group of clubs including the New York City FC team.

The first step to this though is some official news that Moore's group has backed out and turned down the opportunity to buy Everton. Based on the timeline we know that should be very soon and perhaps we'll get more news once the transfer window is closed. If no deal is complete than perhaps this group will step up their pursuit and lead to more reliable information about a potential deal.