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Everton vs Manchester United: Writer Prediction League

Predictions against Mourinho's side vary drastically

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Not for the first time this season, we are watching Everton's form eerily mirror the form of our writers' predictions of the Toffees!

Last week's performance against Southampton was an utter disappointment, and our predictions for the match were no different. They are displayed below, with correct responses in bold.

Writer Opener MOTM Winner Score
Adam Charlie Austin Ashley Williams Draw 1-1
Calvin Dusan Tadic Romelu Lukaku Draw 2-2
Darren Nathan Redmond Seamus Coleman Draw 2-2
Matt Tadic Lukaku Everton 2-1
Mike Lukaku Lukaku Draw 1-1
Sean Lukaku Yannick Bolasie Everton 2-1
Tom Austin Gareth Barry Draw 2-2
Tyler Lukaku Idrissa Gueye Draw 1-1

Tom and I both correctly guessed that Charlie Austin would open the match's scoring, but no one thought that Everton would lose the match, nor that Maarten Stekelenburg would be chosen as Everton's man of the match.

It was an ugly performance from Ronald Koeman's side, but the team's position in the table is still very near their target, surely leaving them to wonder what could have been. Surely many of our writers will be thinking the same about the writer prediction league when they look at our standings!

Writer Points
Adam 24
Calvin 23
Tom 22
Sean 21
Tyler 21
Darren 20
Mike 20
Scott 20
Brian 16
Matt 13

With one point from last week, I've squeaked ahead of Calvin at the top of the table, while Tom closed the gap on Calvin for second place.

We welcome our newest writer, Scott, into the writer prediction league as well! The overlords of the prediction league decreed that Scott receive the average number of points of our writers up to this stage, because he's not had a chance to participate thus far. So, Scott enters the fray with 20 points.

This week, Scott and the rest of the gang have submitted their predictions for Everton's match against Manchester United. Jose Mourinho's team has one win and three draws in its last four Premier League matches, entering the match with in only slightly better form than Everton. With that in mind, our predictions run the gamut.

Writer Opener MOTM Winner Score
Adam Juan Mata Stekelenburg United 2-0
Brian Paul Pogba Gareth Barry Draw 2-2
Calvin Zlatan Ibrahimovic Stekelenburg United 2-1
Darren Ibrahimovic Seamus Coleman Draw 2-2
Matt Pogba Barry United 3-1
Mike Ibrahimovic Gueye United 3-1
Scott Mata Lukaku United 3-1
Sean Ibrahimovic Stekelenburg Everton 2-1
Tom Lukaku Lukaku Everton 2-0
Tyler Lukaku Stekelenburg Draw 1-1

Our writers are very split on the final result of the match, with five choosing a United victory, three choosing a draw, and two actually predicting an Everton victory. Four writers foresee Ibrahimovic scoring the match's opening goal, while another four have Stekelenburg putting forward another man-of-the-match performance.