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Kitbag makes up for grievous error on Everton jersey

Quick recovery from holiday faux pas

Everton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Imagine paying a ton of money for an authentic jersey from the club website, and when it shows up there’s a horrendous error on it that renders the said shirt unwearable.

That was the tragedy that befell Everton fan Will who ordered a Ross Barkley jersey from the club store, but was shocked to receive this from Santa Claus under the tree on Christmas morning.

In case you can’t see it that well, that’s the Manchester United crest at the bottom of the ‘8’.

Will’s tweet immediately went viral and Kitbag UK, the distributor for Everton merchandise, scrambled to correct their mistake within hours.

They connected with the fan, apologized for the issue, gave him a refund and sent out a replacement, but went the extra mile and invited Will and his family to a VIP day at Goodison Park for a forthcoming home game. They then went another extra mile after that too, arranging for him to meet his favorite player Barkley to have his brand new Crimbo prezzie autographed by the midfielder.

It’s a Christmas miracle!