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Koeman’s comments are those of a defeated man

Manager’s post-match comments after yet another miserable performance

Watford v Everton - Premier League Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Ronald Koeman sounded like a defeated man after Everton’s 3-2 loss at Watford today, and it’s no surprise considering how the Blues were outclassed by a hardworking home side.

Read a selection of Koeman’s comments, it’s like he has lost the team.

“We were the dominant team at 1-0 up but then after that starts the problem. I'm really disappointed how we played when 1-0 up. We did mistakes in possession, dropped too far back."

“We made some bad mistakes in our box and had a lack of communication. The set plays killed us today.”

“The team is too passive. It’s too reactive. That’s maybe fear. The team is too reactive and is not confident enough to remain calm when something happens in the game."

“Until 1-1 there was one team on the pitch. In the first goal there was no communication between the defenders. In the second half we lost total control."

“Even at 3-2 our reaction was too late. Why so reactive and not proactive? That's another question."

“Of course I’m worried. I see a lot of problems. We’re too reactive and don’t take the initiative in the game. We need to change that reaction and hopefully we can change that reaction next Tuesday"

“Maybe it’s good we play Arsenal and Liverpool at home. We’re strong at home. They’re good teams but we can beat them.”

Hollow words from Koeman, and less reminiscent of his normal candor and more like Martinez’s platitudes from last season.

In fact, this is exactly how Everton were playing when they slumped leading to the firing of Roberto Martinez. Is it any surprise then it’s the same core of ageing players that was responsible then, and is the rot at the core of this year’s team?

This current run of one win in ten games is the worst in Koeman’s Premier League career, and even worse than anything Martinez did. And if Koeman sticks to his guns and doesn’t change anything, there’s no end in sight with tougher competition coming up.