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Southampton 1-0 Everton: Instant Reaction

The Toffees had one shot on goal. ONE!

Southampton v Everton - Premier League Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

In case you weren’t sure, Everton are not a very good football team right now. In fact, you could even say they are pretty bad. They further proved this point on Sunday as they dropped points again, losing 1-0 to Southampton on a first minute goal from Charlie Austin.

The goal was as ugly as they come. It came off a cross that the defense failed to clear out and Austin simply cleaned up and put in the back of the net. This video will illustrate it for you, but beware, it’s quality matches Everton’s play as of late:

No one else scored after that, but the Saints offense was still active, forcing Maarten Stekelenburg to make a handful of impressive saves. If the Blues get a Man of the Match, it’s the goalkeeper and no one else is even close. Without him, it could have been 3-0 or 4-0.

Everton’s attack was nearly non-existent in the opening 45 minutes, but it did improve some in the second half. However, it is unclear how much of that was due to the Blues ability and how much was due to Southampton putting 10 men behind the ball and welcoming in the Everton offense.

One of the biggest and best chances of the day fell to Idrissa Gueye and the top of the box in the first half. Earlier in the week, manager Ronald Koeman had said that he wanted Gueye to add a goal here or there. Welp, this was his chance and he blew it. With no pressure and plenty of space to shoot, Gueye ballooned the ball over the cross bar.

This was a recurring theme over the length of the match. The Toffees could never really trouble Southampton’s Fraser Forster in goal. Check out the match stats, according to the BBC:

BBC Sport

One shot on goal. ONE! And if I remember correctly, it was a weak effort from Gareth Barry in stoppage time. Forster didn’t even have to move. This is a team with big talents like Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkley. You are rarely going to win, or even draw, games in which just one shot is on goal.

On top of that, the team just looks a step slow right now. The players don’t make much of an effort to move around and get open for their teammates to pass to. The defense has trouble keeping attackers from getting behind them. And the team is wasting set pieces at the moment. There is just so, so much to be concerned about.

It makes one wonder, was Roberto Martinez REALLY the problem last season? Or could it be that these players just aren’t all that good? Granted, there were four Koeman-era players (Stekelenburg, Williams, Gueye, Bolasie) in the starting XI, but the core are holdovers from Martinez. At this rate, January needs to be a HUGE window for this club to be competitive.

We have a suggestion:

Everton begin December action next Sunday with a match against Manchester United at Goodison Park. Can’t wait for that...

In the meantime, go vote in our Man of the Match poll for today’s game. I mean, it has to be Stekelenburg, right? Idk, you tell us!