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“I will not ask for time” says Koeman about his Everton project

Manager’s comments from pre-match press conference

Ronald Koeman
Liverpool Echo

Ronald Koeman knows that in modern football it’s a dog-eat-dog world and that he’s only going to be afforded so much patience from the Everton Board to implement his vision at Goodison Park.

Speaking to the media ahead of the game at his old club Southampton on Sunday, Koeman said -

"I don't ask for time because I'm realistic that's difficult in football, even the managers of big clubs, spending a lot of money ask for time

"Of course we're trying to do things differently and it does take time.

"It's not easy to change systems of play, to change players or expect different things from players in terms of basics every day but it's what I want.

"The first half against Swansea was really disappointing and the second half not.

"But we need to be more regular during the whole game and we need to start much better than we have in most of the games."

He went on to talk about his plans for the January transfer window -

"Of course we're working to get the best players in that we need. That's a situation for January and then next summer.

"We started here and had our opinions about how to play. There are still things to change. Of course we like to play different than Everton did in last couple of years."

Koeman was also asked how he felt his change to Everton had gone well so far -

"Mostly yes. Some things are different; you have to see, to come in and make your conclusions but I'm really happy I made the move.

"It's a big club, a project and not an easy one but I'm confident we can do what we want to do."