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Koeman has no problem with Jagielka in Rooney fiasco

Manager has spoken to the club captain

England Media Access
Can you believe how much of an issue they’re making of this?!
Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Ronald Koeman said today that he has had a conversation with Everton club captain Phil Jagielka over his participation in the drinking furor that has engulfed his England teammate Wayne Rooney.

Rooney was photographed apparently drunk on his day off while still on international duty, and this has turned into a nation-wide scandal.

During his pre-match press conference earlier today, Koeman said -

“I spoke to Phil, but it was not only this, but many other aspects of football. In the case of Rooney it’s not my problem, he’s a Manchester United player, not my player.

It wasn’t a big problem for me with Phil. He had a drink after the match but the behaviour of Phil was not bad. Everyone needs to understand how social media is dangerous, you need to be an example for young people, but that’s my opinion in general.

I spoke to Phil, but the rest is between him and I.”

When asked about the problems with socializing for players, he added -

“It’s difficult. It happened more 25 years ago, but there was no social media then. Don’t make the story too big.”