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BBC release Price of Football 2016 study

Comprehensive analysis of more than 1,500 different prices at 223 clubs

Everton v Middlesbrough - Premier League
Fans entering Goodison Park
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The BBC has released their Price of Football 2016 study. This is the sixth consecutive year they have conducted their comprehensive look into more than 1,500 different prices at 223 clubs across Great Britain and Europe.

More than 1,000 tickets in six categories have been looked at - the cheapest and most expensive matchday, cheapest and most expensive season tickets and cheapest and most expensive away tickets. In the matchday experience they’re also looking at the price of pies, teas, programmes and replica shirts.

Everton still come in favorably on multiple cost centres, like season tickets and the matchday experience.

Cost of Everton tickets
BBC Price of Football 2016
Cost of Everton shirts
BBC Price of Football 2016
Cost of Everton matchday experience
BBC Price of Football 2016

Everton even proved to be good value for watching based on the 2015-16 results, with their cost per goal coming in sixth.

Cost of each Everton goal last season
BBC Price of Football 2016

As a whole, the cheapest season ticket in the Premier League now costs the same as in 2013, with 14 clubs dropping prices while 5 froze the cost. Click here to compare ticket prices.

Click here to see the results for the rest of the United Kingdom, as well as select European teams.

Also, click here to see what some of these numbers mean, in the form of key questions answered by some very respected figures in the world of broadcasting -

  • As top clubs get richer, is the rest of football?
  • Are Premier League clubs listening?
  • What is the fans' perception?
  • Has the Premier League now maximised TV earnings?
  • How can the EFL secure its own mega TV deal?
  • How else can clubs make money?