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Koeman discusses Seamus Coleman

Calls the right back an ideal captain for Ireland

Republic of Ireland v Georgia - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier
Seamus Coleman captains the Republic of Ireland
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Independent, Everton manager Ronald Koeman talked about his satisfaction with Seamus Coleman’s leadership capabilities, indicating that he preferred the strong silent type over the brash, in-your-face firebrand form of captaincy.

“Seamus can be a leader and in many ways, his personality is just what you need in a captain.

“To be quiet off the pitch and loud on, with your leadership, it’s the perfect combination. You don’t want a leader who makes too much noise as this is not always good for the team.

“Maybe I was like this in my career and now we see something similar with Seamus.

“I know how amazing I felt to be captain of my national team and Seamus should be very proud that he has been given the honour to lead Ireland.”

He also went on to add that he felt the right back could become the best full-back in the league.

“First of all, Seamus is a great player and what I like most about him is that he is always willing to learn. Some players do not want to listen so much, but Seamus is not like this.

“He could become the best full-back in the Premier League, but there is a lot of competition for that title.

“Full-back is such an important position in the game now because often, the most space in a Premier League game is in the wide positions and Seamus can give us so much when he goes forward.”