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Royal Blue Mersey is hiring!

Your chance to have your say on the Toffees

Royal Blue Mersey wants you!

Are you passionate about Everton? If you are, then read on!

Do you have a nose for breaking news and can publish a story quickly and accurately? Are you active on social media and want to interact with Blues all over the world? Fancy your work being read and seen by hundreds of thousands of people every month?

If so, then do we have a job for you!

Royal Blue Mersey is an Everton fan site started in 2010 under the SB Nation platform of sports blogs, and is growing at an astronomical rate - we had nearly 4 million impressions worldwide for 2017, currently at a growth rate of over 100%. To meet that need for Everton news, we are looking to fill a couple of positions in the coming months, for staff writers and a social media manager.

The Staff Writer will be asked to contribute to the news desk with at least 5 news pieces per week (possibly more during busy periods) in the 250-500 word range. If desired there is also an opportunity for more analysis and opinion based writing, but news coverage of Everton is the number one priority of the position.

The ideal candidate at RBM will be able monitor news feeds and social media, react quickly and turn breaking news into articles with minimal supervision. Good grammar and understanding of news stories and how they affect Everton is absolutely necessary.

Candidates do not have to have experience in journalism to apply though it would be an advantage. Knowledge of social media and how it can be utilized to increase readership, build a community and help the site grow would also be useful.

The Social Media Manager will be asked to post RBM’s stories on Facebook at timely intervals, interact with Everton fans on the platform, engaging in conversation and discussion, and drive traffic to the site.

Additionally, we are looking to develop a footprint on Instagram as well so previous experience and familiarity of IG is recommended. Similarly for IG, the position will require interaction with Blues, and look to bring additional traffic to the site.

There will be a small stipend available for both positions, though everyone at RBM writes for their passion for Everton rather than cash. Numerous previous writers have gone on to established sports journalism positions, so this is your chance to showcase your writing skills.

If you are interested then please email royalbluemerseysbn(at)gmail(dot)com with your application along with published samples of your writing (where available).

The last day for submitting applications is Friday, 8th June - thank you.