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Koeman named ambasador for ‘Kick It With Help’ campaign

Personal story behind his decision

Burnley v Everton - Premier League
Ronald Koeman
Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Everton manager Ronald Koeman will act as the ambassador for Pfizer’s new ‘Kick It With Help’ anti-smoking campaign.

Speaking with Belgian media source HLN, he said that the battle his wife went through with cancer drove him to this decision. In addition, he also experienced first hand the effects of cancer watching close friend and legend, the late Johann Cruyff, who was a chain smoker while a player.

“When you coach in football young players health is the basis for good performance.

“But I am even more against smoking by a number of events, including the breast cancer story of my wife.

“She smoked and immediately stopped when it was discovered.

“And then is Johan Cruyff, my coach at Barcelona, ​​who gave up smoking on his 45th (birthday) after heart problems, and he is then stopped.

“When they approached me to be an ambassador for the anti-smoking campaign, I wanted to act for it.”

He hosted a clinic for flashy trick footballers F2Freestylers earlier this week, showing them his style of taking freekicks, which differs from what many current players like Cristiano Ronaldo do.

“No one who has achieved success in the world of football has done so without the help of professionals along the way.

“Throughout my career as a player and a manager, I know the importance a good coach makes.

“I am dedicated to coaching my players to ensure they reach their goals and achieve the success they deserve.

“This is also true for those trying to quit smoking and who are stuck in a cycle of quit attempts.

“By enlisting the help of your healthcare professional you can give yourself the best chance of quitting smoking.”

‘Kick It With Help’ is an initiative started by Pfizer to help smokers quit smoking with professional support from the healthcare industry. More information on quitting smoking is available on the Quit With Help website. Quit With Help commits to helping stop smoking by providing support beyond the clinic, assisting with help, information, suggestions, ideas and motivation for those quitting smoking.