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Oviedo says Koeman has changed him

Left-back speaks about the difference in his game this season

Manchester City v Everton - Premier League
Bryan Oviedo
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Bryan Oviedo has been with Everton since the beginning of the 2012-13 season. Very much the squad player with 46 appearances in that time, he quickly become a fan favorite especially after scoring that winner at Manchester United. Shouts of ‘Oviedo Baby’ still ring out in the terraces when he drives forward.

However this season, despite getting an extended look in at the left back position with Leighton Baines’ injury issues, he hasn’t been the attacking force that we’ve known him to be, and he attributes a lot of it to new manager Ronald Koeman.

“It is very important for the team. When we have possession and are on the attack you have to be a very clever full-back because we create the balance of the team.

“Yes, I like to play going forward but there are moments when I need to be more controlled. If we are attacking on the right then we need balance on the left and we need to work together as a team.

“Maybe I am not expected to play that differently. It is the same aspects but maybe I have to be more concentrated on the defensive side because the manager and his staff like us to be very good on the defensive balance.”

On his recent few appearances for the side -

“It is not easy because you want to play every time. But you need to know that you are an important part of the team and you need to be working hard all the time because in the moment you don’t expect, you have a chance and you need to be ready for that.

“Sometimes, if you are not ready you can’t say anything afterwards.

“I am so happy at the moment because I have a chance to play and I am trying to do the best for myself and for the team. I hope to continue playing and I will always be ready for the next game.”