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Everton Face Another Suitor for John Stones

Another potential team has viewed John Stones as their future.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

According to several sources it sounds like Rafa Benitez has recommended Real Madrid enter the chase for young defender John Stones. Although Madrid has moved on from Benitez they're still expected to take his advice and show interest in the Everton defender this summer. They will be bidding in contest with a few others including Chelsea, Manchester United and possibly Barcelona.

A road block for Madrid could take shape in the form of a transfer ban. They are facing a potential two window ban on transfers much like Barcelona just recently served. The hope from Madrid is they can request the ban start after this summer allowing them to add Stones.

If Stones is going this summer it seems likely that Everton would prefer to send him to someone in a different league. Selling him to Chelsea or Manchester United would require facing him twice a year and potentially making your top four hopes that much tougher.

So far none of these rumors seem to suggest a January move making me believe that everyone agrees unless someone bids £50 million or more that Everton will hold strong, for January at least. The summer will be a different matter and unless Everton can turn this season around and place in the top four or five they just can't hope to hold onto Stones with this level of competition.