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Everton Rumor Round Up - Chelsea bid for Stones denied, midfielder could leave this month

John Stones rumors are rampant, but a long forgotten Midfielder might be sold first.

John Stones facing first call from Chelsea.
John Stones facing first call from Chelsea.
Dave Thompson/Getty Images
Chelsea Bid £45 Million for John Stones

This story has started to get a lot of posts online, but our sources at RBM have said there isn't anything to them. That's not to say it won't happen, but nothing has been offered officially yet. With most of January still to go we can expect these rumors to get repeated often, but so far I wouldn't believe anything yet.

I do believe the £45 Million value is where teams will start this time though as Chelsea will face competition from several other teams for the chance to steal Stones. If Everton can hold him throughout the January transfer window it will be quite the impressive accomplishment.

Steven Pienaar getting interest from Wolves

The left midfield position is a weird spot for Everton right now. So many options, but none that really fit the team or level of play Everton want. Seven Naismith, Arouna Kone, Kevin Mirallas and Pienaar have all put some time in there, but either injuries, age or talent have forced Martinez hand. Other than Kone they have all now seen transfer rumors involving their names and could view this as a chance to get solid playing time.

Martinez must make a choice here and back his best options and perhaps sell others early in the window. This sale would be for minimal return, but even a £2 million sale of Pienaar is better than having him not even make the bench when he's healthy and expecting him to make an impact if Naismith and Mirallas are sold.