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Could Everton Sale Be Close As Bill Kenwright Thanks Stewards, Fans?

Besides the poor performances currently on the pitch, it appears that Bill Kenwright may have decided to stand aside as owner and chairman of Everton football club after a letter addressing staff at Goodison.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

EDITED: Report on the match day programme has been updated with new information we've received.

Sunday could have been and should have been so different for Everton fans leaving the game. Instead, there is a feeling of anger, worry and now concern as it appears Bill Kenwright's rumored ill health could have forced his hand. The Everton chairman has rarely missed a game at Goodison Park in all his years of running our club, but this season has seen a rapid decline in his attendance in his seat in the Main Stand.

It has been rumored for some time that the chairman is suffering from serious illness. At Sunday's game it appeared that Bill's time as head honcho at Everton may be coming to end because of the illness, or for other reasons. Before the game, the match day stewards gathered for a briefing. During that meeting a message from Bill Kenwright was read out to the staff. The exact wording of the letter is unknown, but a couple of stewards on separate teams that had the message read to them separately, reported that the top and bottom of the letter appeared to be a "thank you" to the staff for their support "over the years" and wished the stewards "all the very best for the future".

One of the stewards we spoke to regarding this also suggested that there may have been a section in the match day programme aimed at the fans with a similar message to the one that was read to the staff before the match. However we were unable to find anything in the publication from Kenwright.

It is not known whether Bill Kenwright has already got new buyers in place, but his ill health is certainly the protagonist for what is thought to be the end of Bill's reign at Everton.

Rumors have been rife about the potential sale of our club to the American pair John Jay Moores and Charles Noell over the past month, however that particular speculation has almost become a nonexistent dream for Everton fans. The last time the pair were talked about was back in December and nothing has surfaced since despite the expiration of the due diligence period where the Americans were supposedly examining the club's books.