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Baines: Everton need to get better at game management

Player echoes fans' sentiments

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

England and Everton left back Leighton Baines has said that the Blues need to get better at managing games, especially once they have taken the lead. The Toffees have dropped 11 points this season from winning positions, though in all honesty it feels like much more. Tottenham Hotspur currently sit in fourth on the table, 10 points ahead of Everton. Even half of the eleven dropped points gets the Blues into the pack jostling for Europa League contention.

Speaking about the Chelsea game over the weekend when the visitors led 2-0 and 3-2 in the second half, Baines observed -

"I am gutted for the fans because again - like always - we have had unbelievable support.

"We got the first two goals in front of them, we were the better side but we have to manage the game better. We didn't do it; we have conceded three goals in a game where we were never really under that kind of pressure.

"We did so well to get the three goals and get ourselves ahead in the game twice. We've only got ourselves to blame for not managing the game well enough really.

"We went in front again, 3-2, and threw it away. The goal was offside but we have to manage games better.

"If we're better at doing that we're right in the mix for the Champions League but, over the course of the season, you end up where you deserve to be.

"There are positives in how well we played to get 2-0 up. To go to Stamford Bridge and score three goals is great but we weren't hanging on.

"We just didn't do well enough for a short spell that the champions are always going to have at home. We're disappointed in the manner we've come away with a point.

"We just hope we can improve because it's an open league. We've got some good games coming up, the Capital One Cup game as well.

"We want to finish the season as strong as we can and see where that leaves us."