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Martinez and Hiddink agree, Terry equalizer offside

Everton robbed

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Everton survived one judgement call in their midweek game at Manchester City as the referee Roger East judged John Stones clumsy tackle in injury time as not worthy of a penalty. However they received no such luck from referee Mike Jones today in their game at Chelsea as the hosts equalized a minute after added time had expired from a blatantly offside goal. You win some, you lose some, it looks like.

When asked how he felt, Everton manager Roberto Martinez said:

"Anger, pure anger. It's a clear-cut offside that should have been spotted. To make it worse, it's 50 seconds over time.

"We have the best league in the world but the referee's performance (Mick Jones) was unacceptable. No explanation. 2 major, major errors

"It's something that's not good enough. There is no explanation. It's a big, big error.

"We had to play seven minutes of added time - the final action was in the eighth minute. It is a heartbreaking moment - we deserved the three points. The offside decision is clear."

Even Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink admitted that they had no business scoring that equalizer:

"I won't deny it and say I didn't see it. Our goal was off-side."

This doesn't let Everton off the hook for some some shocking defending yet again, but probably did not deserve to drop points today.