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Colorado Rapids Showing Interest in Tim Howard

The MLS team is looking for a player to increase their profile.

Tim Howard may face a call from MLS.
Tim Howard may face a call from MLS.
Dave Thompson/Getty Images

In a report today from ESPN there appears to be interest from the Colorado Rapids in acquiring some players to increase the teams profile. They are looking at Mexican and USA International players and have recently been turned down by US International Alejandro Bedoya. This has resulted in Tim Howard being mentioned as the next target for the MLS team.

This would tend to be fueled by comments this week from Roberto Martinez that alluded to Howard potentially leaving during the summer even though his contract runs through 2018. The thing the article does not press is if the Rapids are thinking they can get this done during the January window.

The MLS allocation system is a mess for those used to European transfers and similar to a waiver wire for those used to fantasy sports. Teams are awarded a "position" in the rankings reversed from finish the year before. Once you add an allocation player you drop to the bottom of the list. Here is the description of an allocation player:

The Allocation Ranking List is comprised of players in the following categories:

  • Select U.S. Men’s National Team players.
  • Select elite U.S. Youth National Team players.
  • Players transferred outside of MLS garnering a transfer fee of at least $500,000 (USD).
  • This means if Colorado adds any player costing more than $500,000 or in the US National team they drop to the bottom. Colorado got the top spot by trading for it from the Chicago Fire.

    I suspect Everton would be reluctant to move Howard right now even with his questionable play, and throw every start to Joel Robles. I'd consider this a very questionable rumor and more than likely something we address this summer.